Dr Suzie Kellett

Suzie is a curious, compassionate and  critical thinker who has developed her interest and skills in helping mission driven leaders achieve their goals over a career in hospital medicine, the British Army, and the Foreign Office

She has worked for the past decade researching and training effective decision making and team function, especially in conditions of high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This includes creating a culture of high psychological safety in order to optimise decision-making.

She has a portfolio of professional interests in which she continues to practice as a Consultant Anaesthetist in the NHS and as a consultant, facilitator, and coach to clients from elite sport to the C-suite in the UK and North America.


I hope I haven’t peaked and that there is more to come! Anyway, so far it has been meeting the man who is now my husband because that underpins everything else.


Anything outdoors. Gardening. Kayaking. Walking. Wild swimming. Reading. And next year, I will be be getting my first bees.


Anywhere near the sea. I also love anywhere that invites curiosity and exploration like the quirky Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire, or Sir John Soane’s  house in London.


I love Middle Eastern food. But if I was offered a last meal on Earth, it would be poached egg on toast!


“By three methods may we learn wisdom. First by reflection which is noblest. Second by imitation which is easiest. And third by experience which is bitterest.” Confucius.


I read a lot, some things for work but I prefer novels for relaxation. They are vicarious life experiences, and allow me to explore different perspectives – I have favourites which vary with time and place – I love to read novels by local authors when I am travelling.  There are life lessons in almost every book I have read.