About You

What do you get when you combine high impact programmes with exceptional people in amazing places?

A:   Unforgettable experiences.

B:   Fresh perspectives.

C:   Better business outcomes.

How about all of the above?

Your situation…

You know you’re looking for something different.

Your job developing your team can be difficult, creatively challenging, and hugely rewarding.

You know something needs to shift – but you might struggle to put your finger on exactly what needs changing.

You know you need to reconnect, refocus, and re-energise your team.

Does this feel familiar?

Caring challenge…

Courage. Challenge. Change.

Do those words inspire something that feels great, or are they a little daunting?

Let us reassure you, at The Fresh Air Leadership Company, care is a constant – and it’s just one of our vital values.

We offer a space that is physically and emotionally safe, so that you feel free and inspired to explore new ways of thinking and being.

Our promise…

We want you to feel engaged, safe, inspired, challenged, moved, and able to ‘evolve’ your perspective.

We want you to feel completely confident in our ability to support you.

We want you to feel refreshed by our open, honest, no bullshit approach and to be truly moved by the experience we facilitate for you.

You know you’re ready to be held to account – and you know you’re ready for a fresh perspective.

“Some really amazing things came out of it. It’s a real dedicated investment programme. You can’t go and buy this off the shelf.”

If you need…

If you, your leaders, and your teams need:

  • A damned good listening to, with someone who holds you to account
  • Energised conversations – outdoors or closer to home
  • An improvement in the quality of your team’s creative thinking
  • To explore and evolve new perspectives through a physical and metaphorical journey
  • To develop real trust, communicate honestly, and collaborate well in complex scenarios…

Then you also know you need the unforgettable experiences we offer.

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"Superbly creative, original and professionally executed with good humour. It did exactly what was needed for this team at its current early stage of maturity. It has started to give them a language and a set of principles that we can build on.”

Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services