You need an unforgettable and unique team experience which will deliver powerful learning around trust, communication, and collaboration in complex scenarios.

How about this? Undergo a rapid induction programme as a mountain rescue team and then be tasked to deploy on a “call out”. Operate a digital command vehicle, plan and manage a multi-agency incident, fly search drones, drive off-road vehicles, deal with realistic trauma, face moral dilemmas, and more.

All supported by operational mountain rescue personnel and equipment.

Sample itinerary

Day 1:  Afternoon/evening. Travel to Scotland, set up in a hotel base in Dunkeld, Perthshire;

Day 2:  Basic and specialist training interwoven with an inquiry into the big issue you wish to explore and resolve;

Day 3:  Morning – deploy on a “call-out” to find and rescue casualties, again underpinned by the ongoing inquiry which ultimately converges on collective commitments to fresh action in your business. Afternoon – travel home.

Good for

Teams who want “different”, and who want an unforgettable experience that will accelerate creation of trust and a fresh team narrative.

Standalone or modular

Leadership Missions are great as standalone experiences or as the culminating event of a wider leadership development programme which could include Leadership Microadventures, Leadership Retreats, and Leadership Treks.

Case Study

Read here how one company weaved a Fresh Air Leadership Mission into a programme for their senior leadership team


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Leadership missions can be delivered as a standalone experience, or as part of your tailormade leadership programme.

Unforgettable experiences that accelerate trust and collaboration