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A one-day walkshop in the Ochil Hills to enable senior leaders to engage their wider office teams.

Back story

The top team at a highly entrepreneurial organisation had traditionally engaged their wider teams in cramped indoor meeting spaces and via a number of after-hours social events.

They wanted to explore how an outdoor workshop could engage their people in a more meaningful and memorable way.

The ambition the team wanted to reach for

The Managing Director asked us to deliver on two goals:

A good fun day out to develop team morale, cohesion and understanding of one another. Above all, a chance to breathe!

An opportunity to engage the wider team around key strategic tenets and tap into their insights and needs.

Solution and outcomes

We identified a 10kms circular route around the Ochil Hills which would support divergent and convergent thinking phases of an Appreciative Inquiry. We gathered around coffee and  pastries and returned 4 hours later for a highly animated and buzzy pub lunch.

“The walkshop on Tuesday was first class!”

We discussed and agreed the inquiry theme with the Managing Director, one which echoed the tenets of the organisation’s draft strategy he wanted to engage his wider team over.

“What is it to operate at our resilient best – inspiring, supporting, and celebrating our staff – and drive increasingly entrepreneurial success?”

“You achieved our aims very effectively and drew to the surface a number of really important observations and areas to work on. We have already started to take a number of things forward.”

We also wove in a disclosure exercise into the design to encourage participants to share their personal stories as a way of promoting connection and checking in around their needs of the organisation.

“Feedback from the broader team has been universally positive. Everyone has a noticeable bounce in their step!”