Pricing & terms

Before you invest with us you will want to understand our approach to pricing and terms. 

Here are some headline numbers which reflect recent client work.

PLEASE understand our work in your service is bespoke and that these numbers are illustrative only and depend on a range of factors not least the size of your team, the involvement of other delivery partners to work with us to deliver your event, and whether you want us to combine types of support into a wider programme.

Want a quick outline proposal to give you a better idea? Simply email us at

One-Day Workshops

e.g. including outdoor Walkshops.
(Includes pre-event engagement phase with delegates to promote reflection and shape detailed design).

£4k – £10k 

+ expenses + venue costs + VAT

Offsites/Multi-Day Events

e.g. Team Decelerators, Team Simulations, Leader Treks.
(Includes pre-event engagement phase with delegates to promote reflection and shape detailed design).

£12k – £18k

+ expenses + venue costs + VAT

One-to-One Coaching

One block of 3 x online 60 minute sessions = £1,200 + VAT

One block of 3 x online 90 minute sessions = £1,800 + VAT

In-person sessions are charged at an additional £300 + venue costs + travel expenses + VAT


We are a network of associates. All highly experienced leaders, most with at least one career in a high consequence profession such as hospital medicine, special forces, serious crime (as in detecting, not committing!), high altitude expeditions, improvisation performance, and more.

We are all also highly experienced coaches, facilitators, and consultants who have invested heavily in continuous professional development over many decades. Many of us are educated to Masters level in a relevant leadership development discipline. And we bring insights and learning from the work we do nationally and internationally under the Fresh Air Leadership brand and the other brands our associates work for.

Our prices reflect the experience and expertise we place at your service.

You can read more about some of our associates here.


When we agree to work together, we will raise internal purchase orders on the associates who will support you.

In accepting these, our associates commit to your project and make themselves unavailable for any other work.

We therefore ask for a non-returnable 50% deposit to mitigate associates’ loss of earnings if you have to cancel or reschedule the project within 4 weeks of the start of the proposed delivery schedule. It also covers work done to date.

If you have been unable to process the agreed proposal through your procurement system before the 4 week point, we trust you to honour this deposit arrangement at the earliest opportunity.

Think of the deposit as part booking fee and part remuneration for the work done to date such as pre-event liaison, recce, risk assessment, design, and preparation work.

Overhead charges

As with any business, we have overheads that need to be covered:

  • Direct overheads associated with each project (e.g. expenses, materials, equipment, printing etc.).
  • Indirect overheads associated with running the business (e.g. insurances, marketing, IT, subscriptions etc…).

We will charge direct project overheads at cost and include a surcharge of 5% as a contribution to indirect business overheads.


Place is a super-important ingredient in the design of the work we will do together. It significantly impacts the way you and colleagues will think and engage with one another. We will make recommendations that best support your needs in our proposal to you.

We ask you to manage payment directly with the venue provider.


We offer FREE online “chemistry meetings” with up to three candidate coaches to help you decide on who may best meet your needs.

Coaching is then contracted in blocks of 3 sessions of 60 or 90 minutes with reasonable overrun as agreed by you and coach to enable sessions to conclude well.

  • One block of 3 x online 60 minute sessions = £1,200 + VAT
  • One block of 3 x online 90 minute sessions = £1,800 + VAT
  • In-person sessions are charged at an additional £300 + travel expenses + VAT.

We ask for full payment up front. Why?

We need you to commit to the process. If our work together enables you to achieve the outcomes you seek before the block is complete we will refund the unused balance. Usually our clients invest in two or more blocks.

We will also make a pro-rata refund in the event of breaches to the Coaching Agreement & Code of Conduct you and your coach will sign. See example here [link].


Workshops are bespoke to your needs. They are typically preceded by an engagement phase during which participants are asked to respond to a questionnaire. We analyse these to identify high level themes which in turn informs the detailed design of the workshop.

Depending on your team’s size this can be a significant piece of work. Your team’s size and the nature of the issues you need to explore will also inform the size of the team we provide. Questionnaire analysis, workshop design, facilitation team size, and workshop duration are price drivers.

By way of example, here is the breakdown (expressed as person-days of effort) of a recent one day in-person workshop for a 15-person team supported by 2 facilitators:

Venue recce and general risk assessment (for the outdoor sessions in particular).
Participant engagement (x 15). Create, get approval, and share questionnaire; analysis of responses and provision of unattributed thematic feedback to sponsor; and creation and printing of workshop materials.
Workshop design. Liaison with sponsor, facilitators, and venue; draw up confirmed programme, Method Statement and Risk Assessments for discrete activities; draw up and issue delegate Joining Notes, and respond to any queries.
Workshop preparation by 2 x facilitators.
Workshop delivery by 2 x facilitators.
Write up of outputs.
Post-event light touch Holding to Account.
Facilitator travel time. Venue and facilitator dependent. Assume 2 x 0.5 days.
Total person-days:


We will provide you with an estimate of expenses in advance, setting these within an upper limit. We will charge you on an actuals basis.