How we work


We will kick off with a discussion to understand your business context and the issues you are experiencing. We will look to identify the high level question you want your team to explore and resolve, and any specific outcomes you seek. We will then make an initial proposal.

We will engage with the team collectively (in-person, or via Zoom/Teams etc…) to set the scene for the event or programme, and subsequently one-to-one via a confidential questionnaire. This will explore individuals’ perspectives of the high level question, and probe a little into their past and current experience of the challenges currently facing the team.

We will review responses to identify common themes and issues, and refine the design for your sign-off.

Three “Ps” underpin our approach to design:


Our work is based on inquiry into your lived experience. We won’t be subjecting you to whole load of generic PowerPoint training or dodgy psychometric tools. We will help you have the important conversations you need to have.


Place impacts the way we think and engage with one another. With the right facilitation it can be a rich source of insightful metaphor, and fun! We are very selective about where we think we can best support you. It may be indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both. We work around the UK and have a particular attachment to the many amazing indoor and outdoor spaces around Scotland.  Read more here.


We are a network of carefully chosen associates. We have a rich bank of backgrounds, skills, and life experiences that bring creative challenge and practical support to our clients. Many of us have led/are leading in high consequence environments and are educated to Masters level in relevant areas. Read more here.


Team events (which could be a team workshop/walkshop, team journey, team decelerator, or team mission) will typically follow a sequence of: defining what is already strong and match fit about the team; stepping into the future to richly describe what success looks, sounds and feels like; and then working back to create a roadmap, and committing to and scoping immediate priority actions.

We will work indoors and outdoors, in sub-groups as well as a whole team. We will invite reflection through the lenses of various models and frameworks, and engage in a range of experiential activities. We will help you identify the possibilities that lie beyond the problems that may currently be distracting you.

Tangible outputs will include a number of self-led workplace actions or experiments that we will help you scope to identify owners, success criteria, outputs, timelines, resources, and holding to account arrangements. Other outputs, for example, could include a fresh strategy, a team development roadmap, a team charter etc.

Have a look at our case studies here.


Integration involves applying the insights from the team event(s) into the workplace. We will provide a light holding to account arrangement to encourage you to follow through on your commitments. We can also provide workplace shadowing and/or on-call support.

Some colleagues may also benefit from having an external thinking partner, a relationship which blends coaching, mentoring, and trusted sounding board. We will offer them a choice of three very experienced “coaches” with whom to have free, no commitment “chemistry calls” to work out a best pairing. The relationship will be governed by an overarching Coaching Agreement & Code of Conduct. See more here.


At the outset, we will agree the OUTCOMES (intangible results of our work together such as “improved levels of trust”) and OUTPUTS (tangible deliverables such as a first version team charter) you want.

These will form the basis of a joint evaluation after an agreed period of implementation.

This phase will also consider what follow-on support is required for individuals, your team and/or the wider organisation.


Underpinning everything are our 3 core values:


We care about the work we do, the clients we serve, the associates and partners we work with, and the built and natural environment we work in.


We challenge client requirements to help them understand their deeper needs. We create experiences that challenge and shift their thinking. We are mindful about the level of challenge we offer. We are not a challenge events company!

Creatively Unforgettable

We create experiences that are tailored uniquely to each client. Our work is experiential, impactful, and anchored in multiple ways.  It is creatively unforgettable, and of lasting value because of this.