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“How do we need to be to lead the company on the next exciting stage of growth, together?”


Our marketing client reported that rapid growth over recent years had slowed. It was now steady but linear.


The CEO saw bags of market opportunity which if left untapped would be swept up by competitors.

“We have invested in great technology and our processes are sound but we aren’t moving the dial on sales in a way I know is possible.”


The CEO felt managers had limiting beliefs about the significance of their roles and wanted to explore what was possible if they could be energised and aligned behind a bold common purpose.

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Whilst the company was in a good place financially for the moment, the company was performing below its potential and missing out on the growth that seemed very achievable.


The CEO wanted to empower, inspire and energise the company’s Senior Leadership Group (SLG) of 20 comprising the Senior Leadership Team and their  first reports. He wanted them to realise they were all critical to the overall business winning effort, not just the sales team.

The work was conducted in two streams.

  • The development of a growth strategy led by CEO.
  • A Collective Leadership process, led by the Fresh Air Leadership Company. This was aimed at helping SLG colleagues let go of limiting beliefs and determine the practical steps needed to make collective leadership across functional boundaries a business boosting reality.


The Collective Leadership stream was designed  around an inquiry into “how we need to be to successfully lead the company’s next exciting stage of growth, together.” It consisted of:

  • a one-to-one engagement process with SMG members
  • a one-day 20 person workshop
  • a set of priority workplace actions, scoped with owners, outputs, timelines etc

The engagement process centred on a questionnaire which invited individuals’ perspectives on a range of teamworking issues including:

  • SLG’s purpose
  • how well the group modelled the company’s stated values
  • what was working well
  • what seemed to be getting in the way of rapid growth

Analysis of responses informed workshop design, and were shared on the day as a team “reveal”.

“Dave kept us closely involved in the evolving design, and the emerging themes from the pre-workshop engagement phase.”

The workshop kicked off with a powerful disclosure exercise (prepared for in advance by participants) designed to promote self-awareness and create a foundation of connection and trust.

Workshop activities led to the creation of an early version SLG Leadership Charter that explored and captured:

  • Purpose and values (SLG Foundations)
  • The group’s dreams and desired trajectory (SLG Aspirations)
  • Desired behaviours, ways of leading, and ways of working (SLG Operations).

“Seeing the Leadership Charter take shape felt like a solid, tangible result of the rich conversations that were taking place.”

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Participants worked indoors and outdoors in sub-groups and in plenary. Part of the day invoked a metaphorical journey to 2026 to richly describe the company on its highly successful trajectory.

A metaphorical journey back to the present helped capture the key development steps and operating principles needed to realise the 2026 future. These elements were informed by exploring various high performing team models and drawing on the pre-workshop questionnaire responses.

“Hayley led the day itself. We were all super impressed with the way she kept our large group engaged, ensuring everyone had the space to share their views.”  

The value of this approach was in the energetic discussions that brought everyone together around the early version Leadership Charter, particularly in regards to the scale of ambition and how colleagues would in practice work together as part of a unified cross-company sales effort.

This charter was embraced as a living document that would guide big decisions, align everyone around purpose and ambition, help orient new staff, and set expectations around behaviours etc.

The day closed with the first version SLG Leadership Charter and a set of priority development actions. These were scoped out with owners, outputs, timelines, resources, and governance.


“It was a stunning experience. Dave and Hayley were meticulous in their efforts to understand what we were trying to achieve.  

Definitely one of the most productive experiences we have had in a while and we very much look forward to working with Dave and colleagues at The Fresh Air Leadership Company again.” 

Managing Director, UK & Europe.


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