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Fresh Air Business Walks, March - June 2024

Business, boots, and blether in amazing Scottish spaces. Our Fresh Air Business Walks (and Gravel Bike Rides) are FREE and one of our ways of giving back. Take your thinking outdoors, meet new business folks, and breathe a whole load of fresh air! Download details of our March - June programme of monthly events.

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13 Reasons Your Team Isn't Very Good...

Your team may not be as great as you need it to be. Here are some of the strategies that great teams work hard at getting right. Some of the “fixes” are obvious and simple. Some need you to do things differently. Others need external help. Whatever, you might want to do some of these straight away!

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Why Outdoors? 7 Great Reasons!

Most of our work involves the outdoors to some extent. And most of our clients "get it". Others really appreciate the benefits written down. So here they are. Seven great reasons to get outdoors!

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Where does your Board or executive leadership team spend its energy?

Some new directors and leadership teams have found this slide, based on the Institute of Director's governance model, a really helpful way of visualising where they should be spending the energy.

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A Decision Wheel

This is a useful tool to use when your business is hit by a major upset or has a great opportunity to seize. It merges the way the British military and emergency service lead through complex unfolding situations.

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Facilitator Notes 5-4-3-2-1. A powerful disclosure exercise.

What would a safer, more aware, more trusting environment enable? Try this disclosure exercise to get to know oneself and one another more.

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Facilitator Notes. Create a Team Charter

Use these notes to help create alignment without losing the creative energy of your new or growing team.

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11 Team Questions

Use these 11 questions to get you and colleagues started on reviewing the effectiveness of your leadership team.

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Privacy Notice

Find out more about the Fresh Air Leadership Company privacy policies.

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Our ESG Statement

We believe in setting an example by consistently living our purpose and values in a way that honours a sustainable balance between the interests of planet (environment), people (social), and profit (governance).

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