Who gives a blog?

I do. As do others it seems. Let me blog my thoughts on this.

My mentor said I should blog. Establish a tempo of activity and interesting content, and potential clients will find me.

“Tempo” and “interesting”! How would I achieve this?

I was in the wrong head-space from the start. It was as if I was unconsciously carrying an expectation of externally judged excellence. And a fear of falling short. A limiting throwback to school perhaps.

The breakthrough came when I started to frame blogging as an exercise in getting clear about my point of view, or starting a virtual discussion about something I was curious about.

It was about thinking and learning through engagement with myself and with others “out there”. A learning process. Brought to life through the act of writing.

And the more I blog so the back-catalogue grows. A resource to be mined for thoughts on various subjects and themes. A body of evidence to witness my credibility and curiosity in chosen fields. A series of conversations which give shape to my thinking and my business.

And also an attractor. Just as my mentor said. Posting my blogs on Twitter and various LinkedIn groups, I am reaching people who want to engage. Some with the topic, and some with my business. Ultimately blogging is helping me engage into the world of real, physical face-to-face meetings.

So, who gives a blog?

I do. What about you?

Dave Stewart

The Fresh Air Learning Company