How does your team measure up?

11 questions to help you assess your team’s effectiveness.

You are a senior leader. A chief executive, Head of Function, programme manager. Perhaps you are leading across boundaries with other organisations,

You know that stuff only gets done through effective teamwork.

That effective teamwork doesn’t just happen.

It is more than just gathering a group of good people together.

What now?

A great place to start is by co-creating a Team Charter.

  • Answer the 11 questions in the table below.
  • Make a red, amber, or green assessment in the right hand column.
  • Ask your team colleagues to make their assessments too.

This is about effective team function and so it has to be a collective exercise.

This will give you a feel for:

  • what is already strong.
  • what needs further development.

Areas for development? Need some expert support?

Initially by conducting a one-to-one engagement with team colleagues before designing a workshop to create the charter, and a development programme beyond that.

Want to know more about how you will be supported through a team development process? Read more here.

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