An 80’s night in a Cusco salsa bar

How yelling out an adventurous “yes!” can save you from a life on the sofa

“Never did I think I would be dancing to an AC/DC tribute band in a salsa club in Cusco!”

So posted a friend of mine on Facebook.

A handful of years earlier she had been living something of a routine corporate life. Several adventurous “yes’s” later she is an accomplished expedition leader, with successful trips to the Andes, Africa, and Nepal to her name. She is loving life.

The answer to how is yes…

Direction sign
What will you say "yes" to?

Peter Block’s book “The answer to how is yes” shines a light on how lives can be transformed when people step away from a seemingly automatic “no, because etc…” response to new possibility.

Many people of course don’t really recognise the word “possibility.” Their brains take them to a place of difficulty, obstacles, risks, upheaval. Of implementation. Of reason. Away from passion and dreams.

The outcome? Life on a sofa. As a spectator.

Try this…

If you would like to move off the sofa, try saying some little heartfelt yes’s and see where they take you.

Say “yes” first and work out “how” later.

Then try some bigger yes’s, and see where you go.  Look back.

How distant does that sofa look?

What will be your Cusco salsa bar moment?


Dave Stewart
The Fresh Air Learning Company Ltd