An assumption of magic!

This is the first in a series of short blogs that add meat to our teaser paper “13 Reasons Why Your Team Probably Isn’t Very Good …

Reason 1: An assumption of magic!

Your organisation spends big money on individuals, infrastructure, IT and change programmes.

But what attention is being paid to teams? And how stellar do they need to be?

We often come across a prevailing assumption that good stuff will somehow happen by good people just turning up.

It’s almost an assumption that magic will happen.

Of course the whole “team” concept is problematic. It is a generic term that masks different types of team, each type optimised for different times and contexts.

It can also be seductive. Teams are cool and aspirational.

And they can be full of egos. Not just the toxic kind of ego, but the straightforward and well-meaning, “I have been leading teams for 20 years. We don’t need any external support. I have it covered. But thanks for asking.”

So, who in your organisation is asking these questions?

  • What is a team?
  • What types are there?
  • What do we need around here?
  • How do we team at our very best? On a consistent basis?
  • How do we stay sharp and relevant?

Back to the magic. You can do nothing and hope that good people working together will deliver good results. Yes, that can work. “Ordinary” is a safe goal to aim for.

But what is possible when you pay real attention to the philosophy and practice of teams? What happens when you move beyond the generic, beyond the cool and aspirational, beyond the masks and egos? What happens when you see teams as hubs of creativity and learning, and engines of consistently successful delivery? What happens when you invest in this belief?

Way beyond ordinary is possible!

Future blogs in this series based on “13 Reasons Why Your Team Probably Isn’t vey Good…..” will provide some tips on how to invest in your teams to help them operate at their very best on a consistent basis.