Andrew sees a light!

My phone rang.

“I’ve resigned!”

Andrew’s voice had a curiously “New Year, new me” kind of tone to it.

This is the fifth of six blogs in the mini-series about the exasperated executive and his difficult Christmas.

He had been sleeping badly. My questions had unsettled him. His walk along the beach had been a turning point.

“Dave. I’ve seen a light. Now having post-resignation doubts about whether it was THE light! The beach was great. But I need to walk and talk with others. An executive escape. A “hackathon” to clarify and simplify some of the confusing stuff running around in my head.”

We worked together and came up with this:

Updated Highland Hack Infographic

So what actually happened on Day 2? How does a creative walking lab, an inquiry-at-walking-pace work? Read next time when I will also summarise some of the questions and tools we used. Would be great to get your feedback on your use of them or similar ones.

A video too. Soon….