Ben Fogle, Chief Execs and Camping – Why Ben is Wrong

In a recent interview for the Guardian, Ben Fogle expressed the belief that ten days in a tent in the wilderness is enough to change the outlook and management style of any businessman or woman for the better.


Here are 3 reasons why.

# 1: I am not burnt out yet

I have a ton of stuff to get done. And so my attention needs to stay focussed on this. Action, action, action. Going outdoors, walking, camping, whatever. It’s just going to distract me with lots of sensory stimulation. And all those metaphors that will creep up and knock me on the head, tug at my heart, and mess with my spirit. Just too much opportunity for me to start seeing things differently. I have already told you what I need. Focus, focus, focus!

It’s a bit warm in here isn’t it? Or is it just me?

# 2: I don’t want any dodgy things happening to my body’s biochemistry

All this movement through natural landscapes allows spooky stuff to happen, not least a lightening of mood, and openness to fresh ideas. Have you any idea how much havoc this could play with the plans we have in place and need to execute on with an unrelenting focus? Isn’t there already enough change going on!

And another thing. I don’t need a Natural Health Service for body, heart, mind and spirit. I’m very happy with the National Health Service, thank you.

# 3: Great thinking needs comfortable surroundings

What could be better than the comfort and predictability of a hotel conference suite for creative dialogue anchored in unforgettable experiences? And all those brilliant evenings at the bar. Awesome value for money!

When I think back over the last 10 years, I can remember lots of great moments, turning points, business winning insights…… Actually, I am not sure really that I do. Hey ho. It’s about today anyway. I’ve told you before. Focus, focus, focus.


Of course, you may not be swayed by my reasoning. And maybe you’re going to give the outdoors a go regardless? Folly if you ask me!

And maybe you’re going to involve your colleagues.

Here are seven allegedly great reasons that you will probably draw on to persuade them.

I hope they don’t get suckered in.

Keep on doing what you have always done, and you’ll always get what you’ve always got

That’s what you want. Right?


Dave Stewart

Managing Director

The Fresh Air Learning Company