To Box or Not To Box Today?

What kind of boxes are grabbing your attention this 2014 Boxing Day?

I am just in from a great walk during which two sorts of boxes came to mind.

Every Day A Boxing Day…

The neatly presented box which defines your business offering. The one that makes it easy and safe for customers to say, “Yes, that’s what I want. I want that one”.

And the other box, the one we want to think outside of.

Both are useful. It’s not “to box or not to box”. It’s more about thinking outside of one box to define the other box your customers will know and want you for.

A Boxing Day Offer…

Boxing Day is when many of us are out in the fresh air with friends and family.

What could it be like for you to think of every day as potentially a Boxing Day? Fresh air, fresh thinking, fresh conversations, fresh action?

We are offering Boxing Days out in the fresh air facilitated by our thinking partners. Days during which you can explore the boxes you need to be inside and outside of. For you and your leadership team. Anywhere in the UK.

See our Boxing Day offer here.

There is no charge for these high value days. But there is only a limited number on offer. Get in touch now to find out more.