In charge and out of control

Remember when you first started off in business? Or started an exciting new project?

Passionately committed to an idea, but no real clue or particular care about the route you would take or what the journey would be like?

Just a burning desire to get underway. To develop momentum. A sense of excitement and adventure.

In charge and fearlessly out of control.

And the feeling a number of successful years later?

The one when consultants suggested they conduct some form of discovery exercise to find out “what’s going on around here” as a precursor to helping you make the next big step?

“I know exactly what’s going on around here. I just need you people to do this, and do that. I don’t need discovery. I need implementation!”

In charge and fearfully in control.

When did fearless become fearful? How did that happen? What did you gain? What did you lose?

Dave Stewart

The Fresh Air Learning Company