Dreadful, just dreadful!

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Wake up! Do something about your leadership engine rooms!

blog30Why do so many organisations base their reward structures just on a blend of individual and organisational performance? Sometimes departmental or project team performance is also recognised in the mix.

Nothing wrong with this; indeed, it’s a great thing in many respects. It recognises the golden thread between individual effort and organisational success.

Something missing?

How might organisations perform if management and leadership teams were rewarded for their collective performance? I don’t mean reward individuals for their behaviours and contributions in team settings. This is covered by individual appraisals. I mean reward everyone for the team’s collective performance.

Implicit in this notion is the need for clarity around team purpose, the setting of team objectives, investment in training & development, and assessment of team performance. This is emerging as good Board practice, and some organisations invest well at this level.

Dreadful conversations

blog22But how many truly dreadful “teams” have we all been part of at various levels in organisations throughout our careers? How much time has been lost through dreadfully ineffective meetings? How much leadership opportunity has been lost? How much have teams failed their organisations; and vice versa!?

How much training & development did you receive about creating and sustaining quality dialogue? How confident, right now, are you about the difference between debate, discussion, and dialogue? How aware and practiced are you in the skills needed to think together as a team, create new insights, inspire common purpose, and transform performance?

Maybe organisations that don’t recognise and reward team performance don’t understand how teams should perform? A “don’t know we didn’t know” situation! And maybe those that do value teams also value great support to get the best out of their leadership engine rooms.


Dave Stewart
The Fresh Air Learning Company