Executives! 7 Great Reasons to Go Outdoors

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

You may recognise the truth of this. And you probably already value a walk to clear your thoughts. But how many formed teams embrace the outdoors as a competitive source of fresh thinking, richer relationships, collective clarity and resolve?

Here are 7 great reasons to go outdoors together.

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So, 7 great reasons to go outdoors.


Very few executives have told us they do their best thinking in the office! Aesthetically pleasing natural environments have long been held to offer a range of therapeutic effects. A natural health service for the body, heart, mind and spirit!


Our body biochemistry changes as we move through natural landscapes. Blood pressure drops, mood lightens, and self-esteem rises. We become more open to fresh ideas.

Burn-out Recovery

We have two systems of attention. One, “directed attention” is used to solve problems. This focused faculty appears to have limited capacity, and without rest can lead to “burn out”. The second, “involuntary attention” is used to maintain awareness of our environment and does not seem to deplete. Stimuli-rich natural environments can strongly engage this second form of attention so creating an opportunity for our directed attention to rest and recover.

Boundary Removal

Many of the boundaries normally encountered in the workplace limit creativity and relationship building. They do not exist in the outdoors. This can create a sense of freedom, trigger significant shifts in perspective, and enrich the nature of our conversations with one another.

Inspiring Metaphor

The outdoors is super-rich in metaphor which, with expert facilitation, can be a source of inspirational thinking, fresh meaning, revitalised relationships and a collective commitment to transformative action.

Story Creation

Powerful, lasting stories often arise from activities in the outdoors. Creatively organised and facilitated, these personally experienced and collectively constructed stories can become binding narratives for individuals, teams and organisations.

Cost Effective

Outdoor work can be highly cost-effective. Humble rural bases, communal living, simple food, and active participation in the outdoors can provide a deeper, longer lasting experience.

Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Learning Company