Go get some awe!

I am in Falkirk, Scotland today. Being a tourist, and visiting the “Kelpies“.

“Kelpies” are mythical creatures, shape-shifters, living in water, and often taking the form of horses. And here they are given huge, 30 metre-high, metallic form by Scottish sculpturist Andy Scott.

I find myself staring at them.  A full, timeless hour.

In total awe.

The form, the detail, the metal-work, the underlying structures, their sheer size. The changing colours and reflections. The sense of living personality. Their artistic representation of the industrial revolution, progress, cutting edge technology, and guardianship of Scotland’s equine heritage and inland waterways. The passion of the sculpturist that created them. And lots more.

And just a hundred meters away, a group of happy, squealing children are being led through the woods and wetlands on a “Fairies, Elves, and Woodland Friends” walk.

More awe.

Today helped me realise I am in the business of awe.

And that perhaps we all should be?

We help senior teams and leaders tap into the extraordinary. They are for the most part tired, anxious, and scared. They seek new levels of trust, the courage to engage closely, excitement and inspiration, and the guts to execute bold, elegant moves.

When were you last in awe?

When did you last spend timeliness moments lost in awe? How can you make this part of what makes you and those around you brilliant at what you do?

Go get some awe!

Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Learning Company

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P.S. Our next engagement with awe has 3 places left. Highland Hack, a 4 night/3 day walking journey for senior leaders through the Scottish Highlands gathers evening 12 Sep and disperses breakfast 16 Sep 16. Find out more here.