Gravity, flat-landers, and flat-lining

Do you recognise this start to your day?

“I put on my work clothes. Pressed. No creases. I slip my smooth flat laptop into its flat case, and into my flat shoulder bag. I head for the station. The flat ticket comes out of the flat fronted machine when I put my flat credit card in and punch the purchase code into the flat keyboard. I sit on a flat seat, or maybe stand on the flat floor of the carriage hurtling along the flat, straight rails. I read the news headlines and emails from the glowing flat screen of my smart phone. I look up and see a two-dimensional countryside whizz past through the flat toughened glass windows. Arriving at work, my flat magnetic pass gets me in. I print off a flat agenda and other flat papers and head along the flat corridor to the meeting room. Its made from flat metal and glass. I sit on another flat seat, and place my flat papers on the smooth flat conference table. Others arrive with their flat papers. The meeting starts. The conversation we then have is ….”

Sure, there are lots of great reasons to live and work like this.

But tell me this…

How do you escape the gravitational pull of the flat-lands?

Where do you go to discover mind-shifting perspectives? To do some seriously great thinking? To have truly awesome conversations with the people you need to connect courageously and creatively with? To find and share real passion and energy? To align behind the bold moves you need to make?

Are you flat-lining as a leader, as a team, as a business?

What is the worst that could happen if you were to blast out of your flat-lining flat-lander’s existence for a few days, and do something vibrant and inspiringly different?

We can help of course. And here is one exceptional journey that has worked brilliantly for gravity-defying former-flatlanders.

Your courage. Our creativity. Your call. Let’ go.