Proceed until apprehended!

Blog-46-photo-800x600Have you noticed how some teams forget they were created to serve a higher organisational purpose; that they are instruments of organisational capability; and that ultimately they are “owned” by a sponsor or sponsors?

Sometimes the sponsors have lost sight of their responsibility to govern their teams. Sometimes team leaders are aware of, and take advantage of this loose coupling.

“Proceed until apprehended!” goes the charismatic and courageous cry.

Or are these team leaders just dodging, for whatever reason, an important relationship? And modelling the sort of behaviours they would rather not see in their space?

What is required where you work for team leaders to get senior engagement and direction?

How about upwards leadership through “red ink correction”? Where no written direction exists, write down what you think it should be and then seek comment. The act of writing can be a great way to get clear on issues. And seeking comment from sponsors invites them into a generative, trust building, and clarifying relationship.

Proceeding until apprehended is certainly one strategy. But thinking and engaging upwards in the service of common purpose and unity of effort might be smarter for everyone.

What is going on for teams and sponsors where you work?

Dave Stewart
The Fresh Air Learning Company