But are they quality collisions!?

Collisionable hours! A metric used by Zappos, an online shoe and clothing shop to measure work-space effectiveness.

This puts a number on the notion, supported by an increasing body of evidence, that clever work-space design improves staff interaction and a whole range of desired organisational outcomes.

This month’s Harvard Business Review (October 2014) runs a series of fascinating articles on this topic.

But what is the nature of these “collisions” between people? What is going on?

Something good it seems. Reported sales growth figures of 10% – 20% are impressive. But how much more productive could these collisions be?

What if your organisation was populated with people who had enhanced conversational skills? Who were more self-aware? Who were less fearful and self-limiting? Who felt less “on stage”? Who knew how to deploy and artfully balance advocacy with inquiry? Who knew how to engage passionately yet without defensive attachment? Who knew how to listen actively, and ask powerful questions? Who knew when to dialogue and when to debate?

Organisations are great at focussing and spending on “things” such as buildings and IT. Large sums.

How would it be for you to invest in the quality as well as the quantity of the collisions in your world?


Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Learning Company