My Scottish knee isn’t working!

It worked really well in my 20s. A few decades later it is a bit creaky.

The consultant tells me I will have lasting damage and arthritis if I don’t have surgery. The stats are compelling. 95% chance of improvement, 2% chance nothing will change, 3% chance it will be made worse.

It’s a no brainer. I sign the consent form.

It is a Scottish knee living in England, missing out on the big vote up north.

Lots of people making a historic Independence decision from different perspectives and motivations. Drawing in different measures on their heads, hearts, and souls.

Knees and Scottish Independence. A reminder that decisions are different for different people; and that people who agree with you might be doing it for a whole load of different reasons.

Worth remembering this, and the value of continued engagement, when you get into implementation. Consent forms protect consultant surgeons. They don’t work in organisational or national life.


Dave Stewart

The Fresh Air Learning Company