Two dares wins

The Fresh Air Learning Company helps leaders realise game-changing possibilities. We dare them to dream, to lead, to do. Bold, challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable!

Experimenting with small changes can deliver great effect. Over time – incremental gains. Or in an instant – the tipping point effect.

I have a routine of writing blogs of a certain length, and always with two photographs. So here is my small change experiment. I am going to use fewer words and create the space for some short questions and two dares.

A dare to reflect, and a dare to act.


  • What is it like for you, right now, in your team?
  • How far are you slipping into or away from really reflecting?
  • What is your body doing, what emotions are you experiencing, and what words, sounds and pictures are forming in your mind as you reflect on this?
  • How much of yourself do you really bring to your participation?
  • What does the team you want to be part of look, sound, feel like?
  • What does the you that your team wants look, sound, and feel like!?
  • What will doing nothing give you; give your team?
  • What small steps are possible, right now, to help create what is needed?
  • How far are you slipping away from, or rushing towards taking these steps?

Feel free to share your daring.


Dave Stewart
The Fresh Air Learning Company