Walking, wine, wifi, and wilderness!

I need your thoughts on walking, wifi, wine and wildnerness.

Where and how do you do your best thinking?

I mean how wide, how deep, how reflective, how useful?


Or in company, building successive insights through creative dialogue?

For me it is a blend of walking in wild places, with other people, over a number of days. But not so wild that I can’t access some wine and wifi in the evening, and not so “groupy” that I can’t walk alone with my thoughts if I want to.

Four Ws. Walking, Wifi, Wine, and Wilderness.

Five Ws, if I include With others.

Do you know what it takes for you to let go and think at your best?

How often do you let yourself do this?

Or are you a hamster wheel expert? Full of motion but no real movement? Full of activity but no real achievement?

Next week I am walking the top end of the West Highland Way. Bridge of Orchy to Fort William for those who are interested. Rich scenery, rich history, rich culture. Three days. A casual, easily doable pace.

Guaranteed to deliver. Motion and movement. Activity and achievement. Relaxation and inspiration. Connection and flow.

Connection through the squelch and crunch of boot on path, the cool caress of clean clear air, the songs of mountain streams and curlews, the aroma of a peat fire. Connection through walking and talking with others, on the move and later over food and wine. And a wider virtual connection with friends over wifi.

An immersive experience that fires up body, mind, heart and spirit.

It works for me. And those clients who carve out the time to step off the hamster wheel and into quite a different thnking space.

So, three questions:

  • Do you know how to think?
  • What are the ingredients – your five “W”s – that help you do this?
  • How do you make this a regular part of your life?

As an end-piece, can you identify some of these special places?

Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Learning Company