Will you walk with me if…

I haven’t yet met a business leader who doesn’t want space to think, bounce ideas off other people, find new energy, and get clear and confident about how to deal with one or more key issues.

Some achieve this leadership routine effortlessly. Some are simply drowning in operational management issues. Seemingly unaware of, or unable to engage effectively with complexity.

For sure, some form of sensing-thinking-decision-action cycle whirs away continuously.

But there is a frustration around how well complex situations are made sense of, the quality of reflection and creative dialogue required, and the nature of the decisions that ensue. Let alone poor implementation and learning.

And all the while the constant clunky knocking of a poor “big issue” process just grinds leaders down.

And a bow wave of poorly thought out and implemented decisions sucks the heart and spirit out of everyone.

Stuff gets less simple, less clear, less fun, more difficult, more complex, more knackering. And family life gets tougher too.

Some leaders have great personal coping mechanisms and networks, and some organisations use away days to create some top-team leadership space.

I am interested in the benefits of a different kind of space, one that delivers rest and recuperation as well as energy, clarity and resolve. And so I want to know how these short clauses resonate with you. I am also fascinated by what gets in the way of discharging a pretty basic requirement of self-care and wider leadership.

So, will you walk with me if…

  • You are a business leader
  • Looking for space to breathe
  • To think, explore, to plan
  • To laugh
  • And invest some time
  • To journey through wild landscape
  • Full of beauty, full of stories
  • Inspiring and energising
  • A different resting place each night
  • Comfortable, sometimes quirky
  • Wine and wifi, if so desired.
  • Themed conversations. You decide.
  • Like-minded select companions and inspirational visitors
  • Walking alone, or in company
  • Mind, body, heart and spirit. All fired up.
  • Safe and supported
  • Space and pace to simplify and clarify
  • And have some fun

What will stop you? What is needed to get a “yes!”?

Will you help me co-design and participate in a pilot in the UK?


Dave Stewart

Managing Director, The Fresh Air Learning Company